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    After-sale service

    After-sale service

    Dear friends:

    Thank you faithfully for your support. In order to make you better understand our company and strengthen cooperation and exchanges between us, we present our company's service standards to you. Welcome your supervision and put forward valuable comments and suggestions, in order to help us further improve the quality of work and better serve every customer.

    Service promise

    1. Our company will strictly follow the delivery schedule as required by you, arrange reasonably, organize production carefully, ensure delivery on time and ensure construction needs.

    2. Our company has accumulated rich experience in production management since its commissioning. The cemented carbide products have the ability to produce high-quality products in terms of technical force, production process and testing means. The company will strictly control the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to products leaving the company according to the ISO 9001 quality assurance system, and provide product assurance.

    service content

    Pre sale service

    Visit customers in a planned way for advice

    Timely understanding of customer needs and problems

    The user's request should be answered within the same day, and the unsatisfactory should be explained.

    The contract will be reviewed in two days.

    Sale service

    Strictly fulfill sales contract and provide products on time, in accordance with quality and quantity

    Strict implementation of technical service agreements and timely provision of technical service guidance

    Guarantee the quality of service, find problems and solve them in time. Users should be notified if they can't be solved on site, and report to the supervisor at the same time.

    Exchanges or returns due to product quality problems shall be reported in accordance with the regulations.

    After-sale service

    Our company for the problems raised by customers, the province sent personnel to the scene on the same day to serve, three days outside the province to serve personnel to solve.

    Within one month after the completion of each order, the sales department will report the situation to the supervisor, give information feedback every six months, and make corresponding user survey reports to understand the user's evaluation of the company's work.

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