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    Grasp the correct use method and improve the usage rate of alloy drill bit

    Alloy drill is easy to break when it is used. That is because of the improper use of the method. Master the correct use method to improve the utilization rate of alloy drill.

    Correct Maintenance and Safe Use of Alloy Bit Electric Drill

    1. The plastic casing of the electric drill should be properly protected against cracking. Electric drills should not be in contact with gasoline or other solvents.

    2. Keep the ventilation of the electric drill unblocked and prevent iron filings and other debris from entering, so as to avoid damaging the electric drill.

    3. Keep the drill sharp, do not use too much force when drilling to prevent the electric drill from overloading; when the rotational speed is obviously reduced, the pressure should be understood to reduce; when the electric drill suddenly stops turning, the power supply must be cut off immediately for inspection.

    4. When clamping the drill chuck, do not knock with hammer or other objects to avoid damaging the drill chuck.

    5. When using, we must hold the handle of the electric drill, not pull the soft wire while moving the electric drill, in order to prevent the electric shock accident caused by the scratch, cutting and rolling of the soft wire.

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