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    Milling Cutter Explains the Handling and Installation of Holed Milling Cutter for you

    Alloy milling cutter can withstand high temperature and maintain good cutting performance at about 800-10000C. Cutting speed can be 4 to 8 times higher than that of high speed steel. Low bending strength, poor impact toughness, blade is not easy to sharpen very sharply. Alloy milling cutter is an indispensable and important tool in milling process. Therefore, improving its performance will be of positive significance to our production. Today, alloy milling cutters explain the handling and installation of milling cutters with holes.

    Loading and unloading of milling cutters with holes: Firstly, according to the hole diameter of the milling cutter, the corresponding diameter of the milling rod is selected, and the length of the milling rod is as short as possible to enhance the stiffness of the milling rod on the premise that the installation of the milling cutter does not affect the normal milling process. Secondly, loosen the fastening nut of the cross beam of the milling machine, adjust the extension length of the cross beam appropriately to make it suitable for the length of the milling cutter rod, and then tighten the cross beam. Clean the taper shank of the spindle taper hole and the milling rod of the milling machine, so as to avoid dirt affecting the installation accuracy of the milling rod or locking the spindle.

    Installation of milling cutters with holes: Firstly, clean the milling rod, washer and milling cutter, and determine the axial position of the milling cutter on the milling rod. The washer and milling cutter are loaded into the milling rod to make the milling cutter in the predetermined position, and then the tightening nut is rotated. Attention should be paid to the length of the supporting Journal of the milling rod and the bearing hole of the hanger. Then, the bearing holes of the hanger and the support Journal of the milling cutter rod are cleaned, lubricant is injected, the hanger bearings are adjusted, the hanger is mounted on the guide rail of the cross beam, the clearance between the bearing holes of the hanger and the bearing journal of the milling cutter rod is adjusted properly, and the hanger is tightened. Tighten the tightener nut of the milling rod and clamp the milling cutter on the milling rod through the washer.

    Alloy milling cutter has different structure and wide application. According to its use, it can be divided into three categories: plane milling cutter, groove milling cutter and forming surface milling cutter. Milling cutters, drills, reamers, non-standard forming cutters, micro-diameter cutters, round nose knives are our main products. We will combine the advanced equipment and technology introduced to solve the knife problems and provide technical support for our customers.

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