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    Explanation of Drill Grinding Skills

    Alloy bit is a commonly used tool in drilling, drilling machine and drilling machine. Its installation method is to select the corresponding drill box core board according to the specifications of the bit, lift the drill box core board into the body of the bit box, and then the drill bit groove to be installed corresponds to the convex point of the core board of the bit box. The drill bit is put into the bit box, and the bit is stuck. Put it in the center of the turntable. Then turn up the bit to connect the nut drill pipe in turn. Alloy drill grinding is an important means to improve quality. We should master the necessary skills.

    The angle between the drill axis and the grinding wheel surface should be 60 degrees, and the position relationship between the drill axis and the grinding wheel surface should be 60 degrees. This angle is generally more accurate. Here we should pay attention to the relative horizontal position and angle position of drill before grinding. Both of them should be considered as a whole. We should not neglect the setting angle for the sake of flattening the edge or the flattening edge for the sake of flattening the edge.

    The edge of the bit should swing up and down, and the tail of the bit should not be warped. Hold the hand in front of the bit and swing it up and down on the grinding wheel surface evenly. However, the hand of the grip handle can not swing, and the back handle should be prevented from warping upward, that is, the tail of the drill bit should not be above the horizontal center line of the grinding wheel, otherwise the edge will be blunt and unable to cut.

    After grinding the two edges of the bit, there will be a plane at the sharp points of the two edges, which will affect the center positioning of the bit. It is necessary to chamfer the back of the edge and grind the plane of the sharp edge as small as possible. The method is to raise the bit, align the angle of the grinding wheel, at the root behind the edge, and pour a small groove into the edge. This is also an important point of bit centering and cutting speed.

    The cutting force of alloy bit is mainly concentrated on the cutting edge of the bit, in which the cutting edge is subjected. Holes can be created on workpieces or rocks. Our quality will continue to improve and give back to our old and new customers.

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